30 Funny Grilling Aprons That You Can DIY at Home

Grilling is a popular activity, and summer grilling season is almost here. Not only does that mean delicious BBQ, it also means the grilling aprons are coming out of the closet!

If you love grilling, then you know that a grilling apron is a great way to start conversations and provide a good laugh. Here is a list of 30 funny grilling aprons to get some chuckles going.

#1 The Get Me A Drink Apron

One drink coming right up!

#2 The Funny Egg

The image is the humor in this funny grilling apron. Can you imagine having eggs for pockets? Don’t answer that.

#3 The Wiener Apron

It’s not a real grilling party until the sausage jokes start rolling. This apron can start that conversation by casting the first stone, or should I say sausage.

#4 The Apron for Your Chubby Hubby

If your hubby is chubby then this apron is the way to go with its poking humor. Poke fun at your hubby’s rolls while you poke them with your finger with this apron.

#5 The Butt Joke Apron

With pork butts being such a popular BBQ choice, it would be strange if there weren’t any butt jokes on this list.

#6 The NSFW Apron

A lot of the aprons on this list are a bit raunchy, but this one is particularly not safe for work. So, if you’re inviting any co-workers to your party, do not pull this one out. It’s also not very kid friendly, so save it for small gatherings of adult friends unless you want to be avoiding some seriously uncomfortable questions.

#7 The Bad Idea Apron

Sometimes bad ideas are the funniest ones, even though they might lead to some not-so-pretty results. Grilling naked is definitely one of those bad ideas.

#8 The Grill Master Apron

The humor in this apron has to come from irony. So, if you’ve got a bad griller on your hands, then this apron is the perfect one to get some chuckles. On the other hand, if your friend is great at the grill, don’t bother giving him this.

#9 The Mustache Apron

Mustaches are funny. They just plain are!

#10 The Good Lookin’ Apron

This one’s only funny if you give it to someone who clearly no longer fits into the conventional category of good looking.

#11 The Gangsta Apron

The pun on this apron makes it funny.

#12 The Boob Joke Apron

Everyone loves boobs, and everyone loves boob jokes. If you’re looking for a funny, BBQ-related way to celebrate boobs, then you’ve found it!

#13 The Possibly Inappropriate Apron

This one isn’t for everyone. In fact, it could be insulting to the wrong people, so tread with caution.

#14 The Funny Description Apron

A little poking humor is funny. Do you know someone who fits this description?

#15 The Godfather Apron

Although the Godfather was not a comedy, when you turn it into the Grillfather, you get plenty of comedy.

#16 I Like Pig Butts… And I Cannot Lie… Apron

Who doesn’t like pig butts? And, for that matter, who doesn’t like big butts? Who doesn’t like big pig butts? You get the picture.

#17 The Manly Man Apron

When you have to state something over and over again, then you’re overcompensating. This apron does just that, but in such a way that is funny rather than pathetic.

#18 The Rub Joke Apron

Masturbation is funny because of how very awkward a topic it is. If you’re into dirty jokes, then this apron may very well be the one for you.

#19 The Food Poisoning Apron

For some reason, we find harmless threats to be funny. Be careful with this apron, though, because if someone does end up poisoned, food poisoning or otherwise, all fingers will be pointing to you.

#20 The Off-Season Apron

If you get this apron for someone during the summer grilling season then the sheer irony of it is enough to get a chuckle.

#21 The Snarky Apron

The popularity of Deadpool shows that snarky humor ranks high in the mind of the public. This snarky apron will be well appreciated by those who get it and may very well insult those who don’t.

#22 The Star Wars Apron

We have May the fifth be with you, so why not add may the forks be with you as well? This is a funny grilling apron for the Star Wars fans in the world.

#23 The Donut Apron

This apron will bring a smile to any donut lover’s face. The funny part? Grilling isn’t even about donuts!

#24 The Bad Pun Apron

Puns are great. Bad puns are even more great because they’re so bad you have to laugh. This is the case of a very bad pun that makes you smile. Remember, don’t be afraid to take whisks.

#25 The Cool Dad Apron

It can be funny when someone tries too hard to be cool and fails miserably. Such is the case with this #CoolDad apron.

#26 The Subtext Apron

It’s all about the subtext when it comes to humor, or in this case, the small text.

#27 The Cat Lover’s Apron

As you can see from earlier aprons on this list, hot dogs are a great topic of humor for grilling aprons. In this case, we are talking about cats, not anything else.

#28 The Serious Apron

For some people, meat may be the equivalent of love. Those sad, sad people. Whether or not that is the case, this apron reminds us to take things seriously. Wink wink.

#29 The Pun Apron (Again)

Sometimes the more puns something contains the more pathetic it seems. That is not the case with this apron as is the epitome of excellent pun over-usage and sure to get a chuckle from even the toughest crowds.

#30 The Spy Apron

License to kill or license to grill? Some would argue it’s the same thing, but we’re not a bunch of vegans here.


Did you enjoy that list of funny grilling aprons? Since grilling is such a big part of many people’s lives, it’s only right that there are great aprons to go with every possible occasion. Whether you’re going for sassy or downright perverse, there should be something on this list for everyone. Comment below with your favorite aprons, and share the article if you liked it!

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