Energy Foods

11 Energy Foods to Make You Work More Creatively

There is a widely held belief – untrue, as it turns out – that creativity is a gift possessed only by the lucky few. In fact, there’s a lot you can do to increase your creativity, but if you don’t eat and drink right, you’re putting yourself at a creative disadvantage. Here a list of … Read more

Funny Grilling Aprons

30 Funny Grilling Aprons That You Can DIY at Home

Grilling is a popular activity, and summer grilling season is almost here. Not only does that mean delicious BBQ, it also means the grilling aprons are coming out of the closet! If you love grilling, then you know that a grilling apron is a great way to start conversations and provide a good laugh. Here … Read more

Crazy Burger Recipes

30 Crazy Burger Recipes You May Want to Try at Home

Do you enjoy biting into a juicy burger? Who doesn’t? Burgers are a classic staple of the American diet, and the variations are endless. If you love burgers, then you’ll definitely enjoy this list of 30 crazy burger recipes that are as unique as they are delicious. #1 The Ramen Burger Do you enjoy lunch … Read more

Pork Injection Marinade

Pork Injection Marinade: Steps and Tips

Soaking your meat in marinade is a time-consuming process that doesn’t always yield maximum flavor absorption, particularly with thicker cuts like pork shoulders. This is because the marinade can only get through several millimeters of meat on its own. And even though brines settle in much deeper, that takes days or even weeks. Injecting your … Read more

prepare Charcoal

When Is Charcoal Ready To Cook On? (5 Tips)

Many barbecue recipes out there are frustrating because they aren’t written specifically for cooking over charcoal, so they don’t tell you how to know when it’s time to grill your meat, or they tell you wrong. I once read a recipe that told me to wait until there was a layer of ash on my … Read more

Chicken-Wings-Brine 1

Chicken Wings Brine Recipe & Tips and Ideas

What does your game day spread look like? Mine is crispy chips, sour cream dip, cinnamon rolls, pizza, and perfectly prepared and cooked chicken wings. Chicken wings, with their flavorful goodness, are a staple of the American game day diet, and they deserve proper treatment. No matter what seasonings and extras you plan to add … Read more